What We Do

We Are The Bridge Between Aspiring Employees and Professional Employers in the Oil & Gas Industry.

Unique Search Program

Our detailed search program helps both employees and employers to find the most suitable company and candidates for their very own needs.

Service Innovation

Our Services are not like any other recruitment website, its user friendly and the results of many years experience and innovation.

Customer Satisfaction

Companies and candidates satisfaction are our only motive, we wont stop untill our users are happy.

Recruitment was never so easy

Unlike all other recruitment sites in this sector, we offer a vastly improved and unique way to find the very best and most suitably qualified personnel for each and every project. Employers can search, find, contact, interview and hire contract personnel all in one place. Once the project is completed, the employer can score and report the quality of the personnel, helping future employers pick the cream of the crop. And best of all, it’s completely free! No subscriptions, no joining fees.{video included showing the pages of the website showing the process from search employees, jobs page, job application, discussion board etc}

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Our Unique Features

We can be your very own personal database with your very own profile. You are fully in control.

Unique search system

With our very detailed search engines, you will find what you are looking for instantly. Personnel, jobs, companies and even the latest news can all be found quickly.

Live private/group chat

No more communication by e mail only, we have a group chat communication feature or if you want something more personal then use our private 1 on 1 live chat program.

Rating system

Pro Pipeline Personnel has an internal rating/scoring feature to assist recruiters in their search for quality personnel and reliability.

Points System

Pro Pipeline Personnel will reward users for the quality of their commitment towards the desire to find employment , the more points you have the higher in the search you become.

Contact Privacy

We here at Pro Pipeline Personnel believe in your privacy, this is one of our main priorities and take this very serious. We also want all contact and communication to be as instant as possible and have features in place to make this as best as possible.

Job and blog posting

All postings are FREE, only companies can post jobs and blogs, blogs can be either, text, image, non URL or URL input, with a answer and reply feature to all blogs which can be shared to users other social media sites.

Our Skills

With a powerful search facility and a number of other clever features, recruiting companies really can take back control of their recruitment process.

Our vision is the making recruiting process easy, we have spend more than 20 years in the industry and we know all the struggle and time taking processes to find the right talented candidates, and job. we are just acting like a bridge between employers and employee to make their life and work little easier.

Our team behind Pro Pipeline Personnel are highly talented and experienced . PPP has developed, a very simple but affective solution from a pain staking search to a meeting in minutes.

All our services are free for both employers and employees. We have also built a directory for companies to advertise their Company {this is the only fee}, for more information on promoting and advertising ,Please contact us on info@propipelinepersonnel.com

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Popular Questions

Your feedback is very important to us here at Pro Pipeline Personnel, here are just some of the most asked questions we have been asked.

What are employer benefits?

Employers are the driving force of PPP, employers gets lot of features like, pre & post job rating users, blog posting, job posting, search directory inclusion, group/private chat with employee and employers, blocking unwanted users and many other features.

Any restrictions and hidden fee?

All services are free for both Companies and Personnel, yet we do change a small fee for Companies when they want to be included in our directory and advertise there own website, everything else is 100% free.

What are employee benefits?

Employees have the most benefits, they can apply for unlimited jobs, make companies favorite and chat with them,they can also earn more points by completing and making their profiles more informative with rewards for good workmanship and professionalism whilst in employment

Benefits for all at zero cost

Our services are free of cost, we do not charge anything, our mission is to attract more and more people and let them meet the correct candidates, opportunities and Companies. Our website is very user friendly, even if you have a problem you can go to our FAQ page, see demo videos and even if the problem persists you can get in touch directly with us by our contact us page.

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What's people say

"What a fantastic user friendly site, great lay out and brilliant notification system, PPP I take my hard hat off to you, brilliant website."

Layton Roy

Crane Driver

"We have used many websites, job boards I call them, but ProPipelinePersonnel blows them all out of the water, I still cant believe its free to use, my company is already saving money, great features and very easy to use, Keep up the good work"

Phil Armstrong

International Oil and Gas Recruiter

"wow , just wow, what a great informative website, I don’t think I will ever use another website to find work or read the latest news"

Mary Durkin Wilkinson

Our Blog

Read about the industry latest trends and news

People think oil workers are fine but we're not'
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Oil worker Wullie Kirkcaldy lost his job when the Covid pandemic hit and did not qualify for furlough payments, leaving him to rely on Universal Credit. "Out of the blue, I got a letter saying that my job had been...
Drones to locate abandoned oil and gas wells in New York
By admin account December 29, 2020
The wells release methane, which is many times more potent than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas and is second only to CO2 in its overall contribution to climate change. Drone technology is to be deployed in New...
 McDermott Bags Large Refinery Contract
By admin account July 15, 2020
McDermott has been awarded a 'large' engineering and procurement contract by Azikel Petroleum. McDermott International Ltd. announced Tuesday that it has been awarded a “large” engineering and procurement...
Quarantined offshore: North Sea energy groups rocked by coronavirus
By admin account April 4, 2020
Located in stormy waters miles north-east of Aberdeen, there aren’t many places as extreme for workers to be kept in self-isolation than the North Cormorant oil platform in the North Sea. However, earlier this...
By admin account February 4, 2020
1. You have no (or very old) data in your CRM It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that volume = value when it comes to databases. Building up thousands of profiles over many years can make agency...
Aker Solutions Awarded FEED Contract for Electrification of Equinor’s Troll B and C Platforms
By admin account January 23, 2020
Aker Solutions has secured a front-end engineering (FEED) study from Equinor to enable power from shore for the Troll B and C platforms, to reduce CO2 emissions from the field.. , procurement, construction and install...